Who We Are

MovieNotes  is a private Chicago company that has brought local businesses to the Silver Screen since 1994.


Virtually any business or industry is a candidate for on-screen advertising: restaurants, realtors, auto dealerships, financial institutions, hospitality, salons and spas, insurance, legal, home construction and improvements, farmers' markets, retail hardware, medical, and non-profit organizations, to mention a few.


Bluewater Graphics is our design partner and one of the finest creative entities in the marketing arena.

Why Advertise at the Movies?

MovieNotes has partnered with local theater owners, for over 20 years, to provide business owners with this cost-effective, proven method of promotion. Now you can market yourself to a relaxed, receptive audience...WHO WILL PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR MESSAGE...have disposable income, will consider your product or service, and are ready to buy! 


Statistically, people who go to the cinema generally live or work within a few miles of your place of business. 


Did you know... about 2 of every 3 moviegoers go out to eat before or after the show? Approximately every other moviegoer goes shopping before or after the show? 



The process is simple: advertisers provide high quality photos and/or logos, plus what they want the ad to say, via e-mail to MovieNotes. Within a few days, proofs are e-mailed to the advertiser, and once the design is approved, you're on screen almost immediately!


1. Reach a captive Audience of consumers who live or work near your place of business    

2. Promote your product or service

3. Build/Enhance Name Recognition in your vicinity

4. Utilize Call-to-Action promos (ticket stub redemption) 
5. Drive Traffic to your Website 
6. Announce Special Events (Grand Openings, Fundraisers, etc.) 
7. Hire new employees
8. Utilize Digital Technology for the best and brightest on-screen images

                                                 Take advantage of
                                    Repetition - Repetition - Repetition


TOLL-FREE AT 1-844-MOVIE AD (668-4323)


What We Do

MovieNotes has been providing on-screen advertising in

Chicago-area movie theaters since 1994.

We currently serve the Illinois towns of Libertyville

and Park Ridge, and their surrounding communities.

We are in the process of adding more theaters in Illinois, Wisconsin and California.